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Entry #3

Ladies, germs, microrganisms, lend me your ears. I lost mine.

2007-08-26 16:00:08 by Toafreak27

Yes, I have returned for a moment. And my ears are missing. Call 312-543-9876 if you see them. And tell them I miss them.

Onto serious matters. To start, that phone number was made on the spot. Call it if you like and see if it works. The area code is a chicago one. And speaking of chicago, what weather we had. I live in the suburbs, and we got hit hard. Flooding everywhere and the worst weather I've seen here in a long time. My neighbors have power, but I sure as hell don't. Sucks.

Anyway, Outcast (voice of Pv. Cloud in Red vs black) is working and close to finishing the second script, and there will be action, I can promise. He has leaked word of a fire fight between the reds and the blacks with a comical ending. Or maybe I'm making this up. I don't remember.

But anyway, soon as that is done, the voices will be recorded, the animations made, and the madness will continue. Hope ya'll like it.


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2007-10-16 21:34:07

cool can't wait. seriously when is your next flash.