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Yes, I have returned for a moment. And my ears are missing. Call 312-543-9876 if you see them. And tell them I miss them.

Onto serious matters. To start, that phone number was made on the spot. Call it if you like and see if it works. The area code is a chicago one. And speaking of chicago, what weather we had. I live in the suburbs, and we got hit hard. Flooding everywhere and the worst weather I've seen here in a long time. My neighbors have power, but I sure as hell don't. Sucks.

Anyway, Outcast (voice of Pv. Cloud in Red vs black) is working and close to finishing the second script, and there will be action, I can promise. He has leaked word of a fire fight between the reds and the blacks with a comical ending. Or maybe I'm making this up. I don't remember.

But anyway, soon as that is done, the voices will be recorded, the animations made, and the madness will continue. Hope ya'll like it.

Red vs. Black

2007-08-07 01:08:07 by Toafreak27


So any way....the first episode of Red vs. Black is almost done. Just waiting on some friends do do their character's voice. And here I said it wouldn't be here til fall.

Though I could always put it off...

Continuing on. So, to add postage, here's the overview of the episode and series:

To start, lets get the obvious out of the way. The story of Red vs. Black is about the zanny misadventures of two groups of MJOLNIR clad soldiers fighting to kill each other. Totally original, right? The episode starts by introducing the characters:

Private Ethan MacKay
Voice Actor: Ian (Toafreak27)
Armor: Crimson
Affiliation: Red Army

Lieutenant Keith Cloud
Voice Actor: Greg (darthhavoc1)
Armor: Red
Affiliation: Red

Private Kay Knight/ Matthews
Voice Actor: Dark Angel (Non-NGer)
Armor: Black
Affiliation: Black

Private Robert Stone/ Logan
Voice Actor: Bobby (non-NGer)
Armor: Steel
Affiliation: Black

So, that's that. The names for the members of the black army are still under experimentation, and not finalized. They will be when the episode is posted.

Toa Freak out

I'm in a particularly sour mood. 'Why?' you don't ask? Because.
There really is no reason. I hate everyone and everything right now.
The end is near, so I will give out a small bit of hope to you all.
Die with a smile on your face, because the last impression you leave on this world could very well be the last. If not, wouldn't it be great to have this written on your tombstone?
"He died with a smile on his face." Then people might think you actually did something with your life. It's the ultimate prank.

Well, I'm gonna go stick bananas up random holes. Tah.